Monday, December 24, 2007

Twelve By Twelve... Because It's 21 Backwards?

Some of you may have heard about Forever 21's new sister store, Twelve By Twelve. Currently the stores are nowhere near me, but the collection is up online. It consists of slightly more expensive, sophisticated and (presumably) better quality clothes that its fast-fashion counterpart. As I heard about it early on, it didn't sound too great, and F21's other division, Heritage1981 which is a bit bland for my taste, didn't set a high bar. But I went onto the website, and to my surprise there were some cool photographs with nice-looking clothes. I checked it out, and, despite the slightly weird collection names ("Medieval" wait... what? But the birds' nest on the model's head is beyond cool) some of the clothes had really nice design. My favorites:

"Chiffon Couture Dress", $29. Cute and reasonable priced. It reminds me of Erin Fetherson for Target. It would be better sans buttons, though. (You can't really make out the buttons in this picture. They're on the black part.)

"Belted Tier Skirt", $39. I love this, though I would probably wear it without the belt. But $40 is pushing it a bit!

"Divine Satin Pleat Skirt", $29. The design on this is quite nice, but the material may or may not appear cheap in person.

"Colorblock Jersey Hooded Dress", $34. This dress is really cute, and the hood is an interesting touch (but maybe that's just me—I love hoods).

"Long Sleeve Tunic Sweater w/ Chunky Center Front Zip" (what a mouthful!), $49. My very favorite thing. I want it so much, it reminds me of Martin Margiela I think. (He should get an online store! I would seriously buy one of his amazing jackets for 400-something dollars.) Unfortunately, $50 is too much for this. Love the clothes, poop on the prices.

Once you get over the bizarre mannequin hands they're quite nice, I think. Plus they have size x-small, something F21 usually doesn't have, to my frequent annoyance. Now all they have to do is open near me, since I hate shopping online.

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