Friday, September 12, 2008

It's A Call I'll Never Get

I originally wore this with yellow knee-high socks and Converse, but I didn't really want to put them back on post-shower.

American Apparel cardigan and skirt. Top made by me. Forever 21 sunglasses.

Our kitchen is almost finished! Time to move out of the basement! Yes!

It's not completely evident considering how I dress, but I am a sucker for beautiful things like Marchesa.


FashionSqueah! said...

Nice outfit, I can imagine it looked ace with socks and chucks too! Char x

yoncto said...

my lord, i LOVE those marchesa dresses. and also, my kitchen is like exactly the same to yours xD
and nice outfit!

supermapy said...

your blog is amazing're like the ME american version, so tons more- i donno- aware of fashion news. i know it sounds creepy. i'm italian and gosh i'm less used to technology such as blogs, like i cannot write a blog every single day or i do not take so much photos, but i guess your style, better, your fashion tastes are really similar to mines.
whoa i know i shouldn't have written so much.
so , it would be nice if maybe we can interact together to any ideas of clothin (have u seen ? it's really interesting) and stay in touch .
my personal blog is , i'd appreciate if u'd have a look!
sorry if my english is so nerd! (i dont mean to bother u, but the correct spelling of italian 'nail polish hands foot' is mani/piedi)

Lady Smaggle said...

You have THE BEST LEGS EVER! I'm like in stumpy-ville over here.

Squishybubble said...

Greeeat outfit!
Annnnd I love love love love the third look.

Little Miss Dress Up said...

that last dress is GORGEOUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome legs, feet and toes - keep showing 'em! Nice outfit BTW.