Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Just Can't Wait To Be King!

Wow. I just got back from a really fun track, er, XC (I keep saying track instead... oh well same thing) trip. Well parts of it were really fun, like how someone brought there iPod speakers on the bus and we blasted a bunch of random stuff from "Heart of a Champion" by Nelly to, yes, The Lion King. And me and my friend Danielle got a little crazy and decided to roll down this huge, steep hill—several times. We got all scratched up and itchy from grass and had headaches afterwards, but it was totally worth it. Especially when Danielle got up, took a few steps, and then dropped straight on her back. So hilarious!

Anyway... yesterday's outfit.

Wet Seal jacket, necklace and bracelet (yes...). Customized Hanes and H&M tank tops. Skirt made by me. Hot Topic boots.

For some contrast, to the last post, I took these pictures in our old temporary "kitchen" AKA my dad's workshop/laundry room. Livin' life on the edge!

P.S. now has American pricing! Thoughts:
1) Yessss!
2) Wait... is it seriously that expensive?
3) Why isn't there a sale section?
4) But shipping still costs the same....
5) Gosh, I'm such a cheapskate!


chineric said...

ooh i love the necklace! i have a collection of its kind.

yoncto said...

that outfit looks fucking badass. love the jacket.

fashionista said...

I was totally expecting Topshop to be like $20 dresses and I was EXTREMELY disappointed...

yiqin; said...

I like your knee length socks! & the skirt is amazing as well. & the pink hoodie!! I want it too!

Ah yes, Topshop is REALLY expensive in Singapore as well!! They sell the dresses for like 150SGD :/


such great style—truly
that star bracelette i feel i had it in the 3rd grade ;-)