Friday, September 19, 2008

You Can Pay For School But You Can't Buy Class

I'm not intentionally looking like I want to kill someone in these pictures. That feeling however did occur earlier in the day during a certain hill workout.... Anyway, remind you of anything?

Forever 21 blazer & sweater. Topshop jodhpurs. Converse sneakers.

Yes, it's very sad I know, still stuck on that ancient Balenciaga collection. It's like these two combined, except my jodhpurs don't fit, I don't have a scarf (though I supposed I could try the old hipster scarf) and, ya know, it's not Balenciaga.

I have a blazer fetish. But seriously I tried every blazer in Forever 21 and settled on this one because it was the most different one from anything I have (though my only other blazer is the Wet Seal one). Plus it didn't look cheap, like most of the others did.

And I randomly found this in an obscure folder on my computer.... And realized I really like purple hair. And that Myspace scenesters are kind of sad.


yoncto said...

oh, indeed. myspace scenesters are very sad.
but i LOVE purple hair!! i'm sooo bored with my black hair but i'm not allowed to dye it until my school applications are over etc.. D= ah well.
and that balenciaga collection is EPIC. who cares if its ancient, its fucking awesome!

Lady Smaggle said...

Wow it totally does look like that collection. You look awesome I love it!

chin said...

it may be ancient if wearable, y not? what do u need of peieces that would only look good on runways but way uncomfortable to wear in real life scenarios?

i love this look of yours today, u got a good taste!

Anonymous said...

I still love balenciaga fall 07 (it was fall 07 correct?)!! Hells to the yes. I like your jodhpurs...TopShop is opening a store in manhattan which i am very excited about and I will be checking it out.

Anyway i am very happy to see you made it in the top 20 in the teen vogue contest. Congrats!


Nice and Shiny said...

Oh I'm totally still on that show too! Who cares if breeches are " Like totally out", I saw some on sale a few weeks ago and was like "scooooooooooore!"