Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back To School Fashion Lab Report, Pt. 1

Problem: How does on dress in a suburban high school? Hannah needs to have a killer back-to-school wardrobe!

Hypothesis 1: I will have a superb mix of high-fashion, rockerness, and preppy A&F that will stun her classmates without alienating them.

Hypothesis 2: I will fail miserably at keeping her resolution, and dress as a conformist, and people might still think she is a freak.

I'm rooting for 1!

1) Stock up on killer clothes from Urban Outfitters, A&F, Hollister, F21, Wet Seal, and H&M.

2) Assemble killer outfits from the said clothes.

3) Actually wear outfits to school.

4) Gauge reactions of her peers.

5) Write Data and Conclusion paragraphs, and post them on this blog!

If all goes well, this could be pretty cool. Or it could be a hottttt mess.

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