Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Everythin' Gon' B R Right

Edit: I fail epically. But, um, it's fixed now. I hate photobucket (and my ineptness).

H&M fur coat. Target t-shirt. American Apparel bodysuit. Doc Martens boots.

My coolness oozes out and burns you all. I'm so cool, in fact, that in the 15 minutes I was gone outside taking these pictures my mom considered reporting me missing. Well. On a lighter note, this:

I look like I should be a dancer. Except not. I'm blaming this and this. I can't wait to find a way to show it off in it's full glory.


Isabel said...

I'm loving these outside pictures! I think I need to get a tripod. :)

Elisabeth Moody said...

at least you have a cammara...(sniff, sniff, stiffle a cry)
mine drowned itself at cape cod!

Shen-Shen said...

You look cute!

I tried on that jumpsuit in an ugly olive green as a joke ahahha, but now I think the black version is really growing on me..

Ms. Butterfly said...

hey hanna i saw a comment you made on another blog about not having to move to Canada, thats cute as i was planning on doing the same thing if Mr. O had lost. Muah to you and ur blog

FashionSqueah! said...

Oh I love that fur jacket, I have the same one in a kinda brown colour but I am now kinda determined to find the black version...Nice outfit too, I wish I could pull off leggings as pants! Char x

Tavi said...

First pictures are seriously amazing. They remind me of Margiela! Especially the blurry ones and the one where your arm is covering your eyes.
Oh man I can relate. Once I was with my friend and my mom freaked out because I wasn't home at 7...we had agreed that I would be home at 8 xD she then called my friend's grandparents, mom, and sister, and they all went driving looking for us. Then she called the police. Ah well, she's a Jewish mother, she worries :P