Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beating The Dead Horse Into A Pulp

Sorry about the graphic title. So I hate to jump in to the whole skinny model debate, but thanks to a Fashionista post from a while ago it has been brought to my attention that the TimesOnline has proclaimed that "The Death of Size Zero" is nigh. Well, ignoring the dumb title, it reminded me of the fact that some non-obscenely thin models do actually get work. I also discovered that Sasha Pivovarova had gained weight, and still booked quite a few shows. Now this makes me very happy!

I have to say as a teenage girl the media's influence on myself and my friend's body image is quite obvious. While I'm generally happy with my body at this point, I have friends who aren't despite the fact they are a size 2. While these people don't look at pictures of very thin models every day like I do, they still feel the influence of the pressure to become skinny. People argue that "oh, clothes just look better on thin girls" and "models don't actually influence real people". Um, I beg to differ. Maybe it's just that subconscious "people like seeing people like them" thing, but when I see a picture like this, I can't help but think "yes!" and actually be able to see myself in that outfit (well, this particular outfit is kind of hideous but you know what I mean).

Also cited in the article are Daisy Lowe and Lara Stone.

Doesn't that just make you feel better about yourself? She's wicked hot, and she (kind of) has thighs.

Hm. Lara is still really skinny. But wait! Look at that model behind her! Perspective, people.

I'm obviously not blasting people who are naturally skinny, but so few people actually look like that so it sets unattainable standards. Arguably that's what makes it desirable, but is that a good thing? I don't think so.

Of course, it's annoying to think that you'd have to already have an established reputation as a really thin model or have to come from famous parents to make it, but it's a start.

Also, I'm pretty pissed that people have told Karla she had huge thighs. Uhm, I'll take that personally, thank you. Athletic thighs kick ass! And Karla is so not fat, some people are just really bitchy and probably quite insecure themselves if they feel the need to point that out. Karla isn't even vaguely near being overweight, and how do they think making comments like that makes people who are on the heavier side feel? They're people too, and just because they're not a tiny size doesn't mean they can't like fashion. Alright, end rant.


Shen-Shen said...

I think it's bad either way - people hating on others, calling them "fat" and people hating on others, call them "anorexic."

I personally think that clothes do look better on thin people.. But not skeletons. Lara is still pretty much a beanpole, but yea compared to that poor girl behind her....

Also, I feel bad for the models who are just really naturally skinny. They're still being written off as bulimic/anorexic/problem-ed victims.

But, to sound totally cliched, I think it's really the way you carry yourself that makes the difference, it works for everyone.

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

Thanks for having that little rant on skinny models and such...I was at awe when I saw that people thought Karla was fat, since she is SO not!
I actually don't really have the skinniest legs, but they are full of muscle since I dance. So it builds up making them look "fat."
So basically, I think that anyone can pull anything off, if they present it properly, and clothes look good on everyone. Of course, I am not saying that it is OK to be obese, that is NOT good at all, for their health! And neither is anorexia. Ok, now I have no idea what the focus of this comment rant is, so I will stop talking...
have a great day!

yoncto said...

god. if i saw that background model on the street, i think i would kidnap her and take her to a deli. and there's no way karla is fat!! i have a friend who has athletic legs just like her, and she is gorgeous and not mega-skinny but nowhere near fat, and she thinks she is so overweight. i hate it, it's disgusting. for instance, i like my legs, i think they are okay. but i have a poochy stomach,and ya know what? I REALLY DON'T CARE. there is no way i'm ever gonna look like daisy lowe, agyness deyn, etc. BUT YA KNOW WHAT?! i wouldn't want to!
haha. sorry for postting like. a novel ^^

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. Stop with this drivel.