Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fresh To Def In Moschino

You've seen what I look like in the morning, now you can see what I look like when I get home from school (after a run of course).

Look how flattering these jeans are! That's because they were probably made by child laborers illegally working the night shift under dim lights somewhere in Indonesia... for people like me who are (well, were) dumb enough to buy fake jeans on ebay.

I kept the cardigan on for the whole day because I chickened out and thought this might be a bit too scandalous for school:

Thrifted cardigan. Camille-style t-shirt that I'm too lazy to finish. American Apparel neon thing. DIY ripped jeans. Jeffrey Campbell oxfords.

Speaking of Childhood Flames, I cannot wait until she posts the pattern for the dropped crotch pants. I got the pants from Wet Seal but they're harem pants, not dropped crotch pants and yes there is a difference (harem pants are flared at the thighs but have normal... crotch-levels and dropped-crotch pants have straight thighs but dropped crotches. Yeah. It took me a while to figure that out...).


PuraVida said...

it's not scandalous but aren't you like 15? And weren't you the one criticizing rumi for "sluttiness".

What comes around goes around I guess.


FashionSqueah! said...

I had never thought about the difference between harem pants and drop-crotch pants before now - thanks for working out the difference so I didn't have to! I'd have chickened out of removing the cardigan too - not that it looks bad, you've done an ace job on the t-shirt! - I can just never flash a lot of skin in an educational setting! As if it undermines my intelligence or something! Char x

ziggy said...

Now that is a hot look.

Isabel said...

Wait, so those jeans are fake Moschino that you bought on eBay? No worries, they look good anyways.

louise or valentine said...

i really want a pair of oxfords. so badly.

Lust for Fashion said...

cool jeans! you should try the slashed leggings look. i wanna try it out soon!

LJ said...

Wow they really are quite flattering.
I am super excited too because you can't buy them anywhere here

Shen-Shen said...

I loooove the shreddedness of this outfit!

The jeans & the shirt are lovelye!

WendyB said...

PuraVida of course doesn't have a Blogger profile. At least when you have something to say, darlin', you say it openly. I don't care for sneaky commenters. You happen to look nice in the jeans, and at least you are not showing sideboob and chocha!

Sunset said...

Normal crotch levels... love that, hahah.

Your shirt is pretty plain. Now I feel all scandalous with my tank. What brand is the shirt?

:] said...

Ok, so that puravida person should shut up.
First of all, its whatver GOES around, COMES around, honey. Not the other way around. Get it right.
And what you are wearing is COMPLETELY age appropiate. It's just a little skin. Nothing to gasp about.
And oddly, I have a shredded tshirt and majorly ripped jeans too. Just never thought of wearing them together! Oh stupid, stupid me. Well, I absolutely love your blog now, and I'm going to start reading it religiously.