Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Is what it looks like I'm saying in this picture.

What do you think of this new location? The background is a bit lighter and the lighting is better but it's hard to get a full body shot. I snap outfit shots like 5 minutes before I leave for school, because due to sports taking them after is not an option. I feel lazy for not having a good location though.

Target blazer and v-neck. Old Navy sliced up leggings. Doc Marten boots.

I had a very weird dream two nights ago. For some reason I was in the Vanderwoodsen's (Van Der Woodsen? Van Derwoodsen?) apartment (if you don't know, watch Gossip Girl) which was apparently on the 30th floor and I ended up handcuffed to a towel rod. No idea. But yeah, so one arm was free and for some reason it made sense to try and pull the fire alarm so someone could find me and let me go. But then the dream changed, and I was on the 3rd floor with my family. The fire alarm was going off, but we had to pack bags full of all the important stuff so it wouldn't get burned in the fire (never mind the fact that I had actually pulled the fire alarm...). Then I realized my friend, Ally, was randomly there and a bunch of my stuff was in her room. I went to it and began desperately piling my shoes into this bag (priorities!).

Then the dream changed. I was with my mom and we had to go into an Aeropostale to hide because the city was being bombed (NO JOKE THE WWII-ERA VIDEOS WE WATCHED IN HISTORY CLASS ARE SCREWING WITH MY MIND). There was very low lighting (come to think of it, the inside of the store was more Abercrombie than Aeropostale) and I decided to shop despite the fact that there was an air strike going on (again, priorities!). I couldn't find anything I liked, which was good because my mom said she didn't want to buy me any more clothes, and I don't know what would have happened next because my stupid alarm woke me up.


Sunset said...

Wow, haha. That's a pretty... crazy dream. Do you ever get the feeling of being really tired when you wake up when you have such an intense dream?

And dude, your hair always looks perfect... what the hell. Good outfit too, clean stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You really pull those leggings off. I am not daring enough to wear something like that! They look awesome with the blazer, and i love the blazer sleeves scrunched up! You should be a stylist..
Your hair also looks so great! Do you straighten it?

sam said...

this is such a hilarious post!

Maurice the Man said...

Dear Hannah,
Do you like cheetos?
i do.

Maurice the Man said...

and yur hair is prettyyyyyyyy

Victoria-Olivia said...

Love the outfit...I've been meaning to slash some of my old leggings, they look perfect on you.
Ahhh I hate it when the alarm clock goes off!

holly said...

wow wicked dream!
love the outfit too btw.

yoncto said...

awesome dream,
but the leggings are even better!!

Suzanne said...

I really like the outfit. It's sweet how you made the blazer look less preppy by wearing it with the tights. It's pretty damn cute. :D

that dream, wow. That's pretty amazing..
holy man.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

haha. dude. totally.

funny dream.

awesome leggings.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WendyB said...

Your hair looks particularly good in these pictures.

Hannah Cheeto said...

Sunset, yeah I always feel all tired and kind of confused when I wake up in the middle of dream. And Amy, yeah I've just started straightening my hair again.

Maurice the Man aka Danielle aka DAN THE MAN, thank you for commenting on my blog. You make it seem like all my friends are freaks.

Zita said...

I want to make my leggings look like that.. awesome!

Anonymous said...

That blazer is gorrrgeous.

Lena... said...

AHH! You can't imagine how much i loooove this outfit! regardless of the fact that my dad would faint if he saw me in it, it would prob look terrible on me (im not as pretty as you), and i would never be allowed or have anywhere to wear it (stupid strict private school rules!)

Isabel said...

You look pretty darn good in those leggings. :) I'd be so cold wearing them, Its been snowing for the past 2 weeks where I live!

Shen-Shen said...

Looove the slashed up leggings.