Monday, November 17, 2008

In Reality It Ain't That Cheap

It's time for a bang trim.

Erin Fetherston for Target cardigan. Forever 21 v-neck. Skirt made by me. Random white fishnets and gray knee-highs. Jeffrey Campbell oxfords.

This is from Sunday so I'm a little bit behind on the outfit pics. I wore it to go see these storytellers acting out this thing about these two abolitionists. The cool things I do! It was pretty fun though. I'm glad people like the french manicure, it does look nice even though I despise it and I lost one of the nails during the night. Luckily the pack came with extras.

But anyway. Yesterday I slept almost an hour through my alarm, which isn't as bad is it sounds as I usually wake up at 5:45 so I can post (I do have actual reasons I have to do it in the morning) so waking up at 6:40 only had the effect of cutting 10 minutes out of my "get dressed" time. So I just threw together a kind of random thing sort of copying/laughing at the style of certain model/style icon I'm not a huge fan of. But then I'm at my locker, and my friend Amy runs up to me and is like, "I need to take photos of you! Now!" for her digital photography project. So we had an impromptu photoshoot right there. *cough* losers. Apparently her pictures were supposed to be fashion-themed but my outfit really wasn't so... oh well. But I might post them anyway depending on how they come out.


Nice and Shiny said...

Oh my good heavens, I could never wake up at 545! Thats crazy, you must reallt be insanely busy during the day! That's cool that you wake up so early for the daily posts for us readers, thanks a lot!<3<3<3
Do you ever trim your own bangs? When I had mine I got them cut like ever 2 weeks, I was way to chicken to try cuttng them myself!

Shen-Shen said...

I love this!

I have the same cardigan, I think. That skirt is lovely! The shape is cute and the color is pretty.

And ugh, 5:45?! I struggle to wake up by like 7..

Hannah Cheeto said...

Haha I'm really a morning person. But yeah, I've tried to trim my own bangs but they were kind of butchered by a pair of blunt scissors. They didn't look that bad somehow, though. I'm supposed to go in to see my hairdresser to get them cut every two weeks but he only works like two days a week so it's impossible for me to catch him.

Sunset said...

Ah, I struggle to wake up by 5:45... just because I have an early class at 7:15 that I always seem to be late for.

Man, I just love your hair though. You totally rock at blunt bangs.

ziggy said...

Damn girl, working it with the fishnet