Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tags and Halloween and Total Randomness

I've been tagged by my drama love affair, Fantabulistique, and Little Miss Dress Up to list 6 unimportant things that make me feel happy.

1. When my whole XC race of well over 100 people gets lost in the woods for 20 minutes (seriously... it happened yesterday... epic!)

2. Playing with Photobooth on Danielle and Frankie's laptops.

3. Cereal. Seriously, I love cereal and eat it so much, especially Mini Wheats mixed with multigrain Cheerios.

4. Going into Bertucci's and having everyone staring at me (also happened yesterday)

5. Being done with my homework.

6. Exchanging phone numbers with all the freshmenzz on the bus home from an XC meet.

I really mention XC so much. It's kind of my whole social life though, sadly enough. I just realized this list makes me sound really shallow. Oh well. It's early in the morning and I can't really think properly.

I felt like little Jenny Humphrey again at the Halloween dance I snuck (yeah right) into last night. But, it wasn't at my school. And I had to get a guest pass. So, it was obviously sneaking.

If you didn't watch last week's Gossip Girl you probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

Cliff's costume should have been really offensive to me but it wasn't. And Victoria was a gorgeous geisha. Naturally, Tina was a witch*.

My Halloween costume was kind of a creativity fail. It was very last minute, and involved use of parts of my brother's devil from two years.

I also went trick-or-treating. Considering the fact that in a few days I'll be 16, it seems I'm getting a bit old but it was with four other people so I wasn't a loserish loner and it was quite fun.

We're just that cool.

*I love you, Tina!

One day, I might do an actual post.

Edit: Just to clear it up, XC = cross country, as in the sport involving running in the woods. I didn't know what it was until recently either so I shouldn't just assume everyone knows....


Victoria Stansbury said...

what a hot devil

Jillian B said...

i was on your page the other day and my friend was looking over my shoulder cuz it was class and she was bored
and she thought that "cheetos are orange" said "ghettos are orange"
it amused me very much

LJ said...

haha your posts are just fine.
It's so sad seeing what all your guys wore on halloween. We don't celebrate it here and it looks like so much fun.
i don't even know what an (the?) xc is

Anonymous said...

ahhh i totally know what you mean im on xc and it consumes my entire being.

at kest our legs are hot :]