Monday, November 17, 2008


Hello children. Run away scared.

Hannah's french manicured acrylic fake nails are coming.

Kind of as a laugh I bought a pack of fake nails at CVS. But when I put them on, I was amazed to find 1) they were so so so easy to put on, it took 5 seconds instead of an annoyingly long time like nail polish, and they don't chip, they just pop off sometimes, which is easily fixed (are the commas killing you yet?), 2) it is possible for my hands to look vaguely... clean and nice, and 3) they actually look real, which is kind of a bad thing because that wasn't the point. I wanted crap looking ones so I could laugh. I'm not a weirdo at all. I know french manicures are the epitome of all things tacky and conformist and gross. I mean, Kim Kardasian wears a french manicure. It's so 7th grade (at least my 7th grade. No insults meant to certain stylish 7th graders). So the point is... I currently have longish (not that long but longer than my destroyed fingernails could ever grow) white-tipped perfect nails. It's quite weird. I do love tacky things in moderation, and it's addicting to see my short, cracked, lumpy, dry, damaged fingernails looking all perfect and shiny. Now I'll have to find some that aren't hideous, preferably silver holographic ones. Heck to the yes.

Edit: Wholly unrelated but I just flipped a shit* at the Wet Seal customer service department via email. Well, I told them I was considering never shopping online from them again. OHH! Well it's not my fault their website said two things were in stock but then decided one of them wasn't at the last second. And the other? Well, it's still in stock on the website but out of stock in the email they sent me. What the hell? Wet Seal, you betta send me dis shit or I be realll pissed. What else will I stick spikes on? Oh yeah, your face if you don't send these to me, bitch! Alright, I'm better now.

*Not really, I just wanted to say that.


WendyB said...

I think they look good!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

they look nice

Tavi said...

No offense taken xD
From the pictures I thought you had gotten a real one! They do look nice. And Wet Seal is a bitch, but a cheap one.

PuraVida said...

Dear girl you must be careful wearing cheap PVC on bare skin.

Please look at this article.


sam said...

yeah watch it im a 7th grader! offense taken dont worry

p.s. i love this blog!

Fashion Fille said...

oooh i like these!!! what kind are they?

Hannah Cheeto said...

They're Nailene, I think they're called "short french manicure" or something? They're like $6 at CVS.