Thursday, July 17, 2008


Camp ends for two weeks after tomorrow... thank god. But then I "get" to go back....*

These are old old old... i.e. just after I got my hair cut, like 4 weeks ago... (has it been that long already?)

Hanes t-shirt cut into v-neck. AA lamé bra. Silence & Noise skinny jeans which I just rediscovered. Target white sneakers.

Here's the stuff I got at Gap/Old Navy... most of it has already been seen in the vacation shots but OH WELL here are better views.

This is the Gap stuff... the shirt was only $6 and the shorts were marked down to $22. I got them both in too large sizes so they would fit slouchily... but together I don't think they work.

These are two of the three Old Navy t-shirts (I didn't bother with the checked pocket one because the other pictures are pretty clear). The first one is NOT a Lakers shirt. I am a Celtics fan, as is any true Bostonian. But I love the colors and the graphic. The second one I grabbed by accident, but then I kind of liked it. I know ironic t-shirts are totally played out but... I'm not wearing it too ironically. I don't even know what I'm talking about because my brain is fried. But anyway the shirts were 2 for $15. Gotta love Old Navy!

I look really stoned in the above pictures. My mad coolness (haha) is tempered by the Beanie Babies and the massive wicker basket that originally was to hold some of everyone in the family's shoes but somehow evolved into holding only mine....

*I don't really hate camp that much but... it takes up way too much time... or something.

And the random title is what the councilor of the group I'm with at camp started calling me once he saw me with my huge Forever 21 sunglasses.... This post is truly a huge hunk of randomness. But that's just where my mind is at right now.


ROBOTS said...

simple and fashion style. me like.

Isabel said...

That Los Angeles t-shirt is pretty cool. I never would have put two and two together with the whole Lakers thing though. I totally understand your feelings of randomness.

Tessa said...

love the old navy shirts! i wanted them but never got around to buying them :(

Anonymous said...

i actually think that with the invasion if the white hanes tee that tshirts like that are actually not played out. it's fun to see something other than white again. i've been wanting to pick up some more tshirts. the plain tshirt thing is kind of boring me now.

Dapper Kid said...

Love the t-shirts, they looks super!


YOUR hair is a mess, and i love it.

happyyy weekend,

NewYorkChique said...

I really like the $6 shirt. the colors is really nice! the los angeles shirt is cool too. and i love the hair =]

Cheyenne said...

Your hair is fantastic!