Friday, July 11, 2008

Leggings Will Never Die!

Quick, fashionistas, scoop up Lindsay Lohan's hawt new leggings line at Shop Intuition exclusively! You can get leggings with knee pads, bronze metallic leggings, leggings with zippers*, and even the "Leopard Ankle Gloves" pictured below! All for the affordable, reasonable prices of $42-$132!

In all seriousness, while I would wear the leggings L. Lo designed, I would never pay the prices they're asking. I do actually (weirdo Hannah) find the knee pad leggings oddly attractive... and functional!

Oh, and by the way I'm going away until Sunday... so I won't be able to post.

*Which look just like these Hot Topic ones, except $100 more. But the Hot Topic ones appear to be gone... BUT my favorite mall goth store has petticoats!


Anonymous said...

hmm. i agree with you. while i do like them. i still wouldnt' pay $123 for zipper leggings. crazy!

Dapper Kid said...

Those leggings look super, but yup paying that much is crazy!! Oh and you have been tagged dear!

Squishybubble said...

Sweeeeet leggings! thats crazy that they cost that much though!
go to hot topic
go now!!!!

the Launderette said...

I saw this on gofugyourself earlier. The knee pad ones are called the Mr. President Legging hahah.

yiqin; said...

Ohyes, they are so expensive!!! I am not sure about knee pads but I do love leggings!!

Heather said...

I hate that the knee pad ones are called "Mr. President" leggings. Not. Funny.