Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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The brilliant Isabel of Hipster Musings tagged me with the Brillante Weblog Premio-2008 award, "because she has brilliant red hair ever, and the moxie to wear corsets over top of her clothing". Thank you, Isabel!

I'm not entirely sure who to tag, though. I'm sure all the people I would like to tag have already been tagged....

I have been tagged by Dapper Kid! (definitely check out his blog if you haven't already—he a super-stylish guy and there is just so much goodness on his blog ;) )


1. Pick up the nearest book
2. Open to Page 123
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the next 3 sentences
5. Tag 5 people and acknowledge who tagged you

Anyway, the nearest book was... "The Confusion" by Neal Stephenson, which is the current book I'm reading.

This incredibly complex 800-page novel (which is part of a trilogy...) is my light summer reading, and I actually am really enjoying it even if I don't get everything. Anyway, if you are in to that sort of thing check out the Amazon.com page. BUT to the point:

"He [Bonaventure Rossignol] rose to his feet, triggering small avalanches—for he and Eliza had been waiting in this open sleigh long enough for drifts to form in their laps. As he tottered around to get a view of the garden entrance of La Dunette, he reminded Eliza club balanced on a juggler's palm. He had much in common physically with Pontchartrain; but where the Count's eyes were warm and brown, Rossignol's were hot and black."

Random, out of context, yay!

Tagging: Fashion Robot, Fashion Cupcakes, Stansbury's Treasures, Art Geek and Fashion Freak, Yonctopus Is The Bomb (even though she's at "lesbo camp"...)


Dapper Kid said...

Ooo i'm interested (more so from the Amazon page than the three lines lol), I will so be checking that book out!

Honeymoon said...

U r a fashion addict ! If u want, I invite u to come to see some of the most beautiful heels, dresses and bags of the Paris fashion weeks and many more...!

Victoria Stansbury said...

Thanks hon!

Squishybubble said...

Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!

Ifonlyyouplayedvideogamestoo said...

Neal Stephenson + XC = nerdy girl of my dreams.