Tuesday, July 8, 2008

10 Reasons Why Camp=Death

1) counselor-in-training=slave
2) 90 degree weather and having to sit in the sun
3) being forced to wear either sneakers or crocs. CROCS!
4) dressing practically=no fashion
5) insane, often disgusting (but cute) children
6) mad awkwardness (don't ask)
7) being much too tired to do anything, and having to FORCE yourself to go running afterwards (not looking forward to it...)
8) having no social life outside of camp due to family vacations on all the weekends
9) getting sunburned despite sunscreen and NOT tanning
10) I forget. But it sucks.

But luckily I have my friends to save it from being an altogether horrible situation. I'm sorry for complaining (oh no Andrew you caught me! Actually no way he reads this blog so never mind).

Anyway, next time I have to go to a dressy event, here is what I'm def wearing:

H&M dress as shirt. Corset thingy.... Skirt made by me.

Like that will ever happen.

P.S. Don't you love that nail polish color?


yoncto said...

holy shit, that is one awesome dress!!

head in the clouds. said...

ahhh that skirt. its gorgeous. props. trade links possibly?

Richel said...

I used to love camp, but after a certain amount of years, I had to start sneaking out!

Anonymous said...

oh the nails! they're exquisite! what nail polish is that? do tell, plz!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Haha wow I was in a whiny mood. But anyway, Farren, the nail polish is from Sephora! It doesn't seem to say the specific color on the bottle but I'm sure you could find it pretty easily in a store. The best part is it's only $4.

head in the clouds. said...
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Dapper Kid said...

Wow wow love that outfit and the turqoise nail polish is cooool!

Isabel said...

You made that skirt? It looks FAB!

Squishybubble said...


Jay said...

I love camp[ and the outfit is so cute[ light bright nail polish seems to be so in right now{

mario batali said...

don't wear teh crocs

NewYorkChique said...

ahhh! crocs! haha well at camp i usually wear converses, so i would recommend those instead =]
and love the blue nails

Stephanie said...

Purple nails, awesome! I need to paint mine..

Butchie said...

Crocs are great shoes. If you are four.

Tavi said...

AMAZING. As if I haven't radiated enough enthusiasm, I love the skirt, fabric especially, and you are so creative to think of wearing corsets over dresses that you made into shirts.
I thought I had linked you, doing it now!

Cheyenne said...

great fantastic outfit! I love the gothic edgeness to it. That color and fabric of the skirt! And that corset and the stripes. ha I just love it.
Linking you :)

cindiasaurus said...

I really dig this outfit. Props on the skirt.
I like what you've got here. Can I add your link to my site?