Monday, October 6, 2008

Hands Up, Fast Up, People Come On

Yes! There is a great place to put my camera when taking pictures in my new room (so I can snap outfit pics in the morning and not have to bother with putting my clothes and makeup back on after cross country)!

Forever 21 jacket. J. Crew shirt. American Apparel leggings (forget what I said before! I love you! Even if you're legs are different lengths (seriously, wtf?) and you're baggy in random places....). Minnetonka moccasin boots.

I'm adding knee-high boots to my shopping list. I love my Minnetonkas but sometimes you want plainer (and less uncomfortable) ones. Actually, thigh-high flat books should go on there too.

Oh, funny story. So in History Danielle and I were fighting (as usual) and she threw her fuzzy white North Face on my head. So I ran away with it, put it on and refused to take it off. Then I called myself Danielle (this is probs not funny to anyone else but suck it up). So afterwards in the locker room, I decide to steal her Uggs as well. So I put them on and ran to hide in the bathroom. Then I realized that I was wearing real Uggs for the first time in my life and they were actually... I don't know. Well, they were obviously comfy and warm (much more so than the fake ones I wear as slippers) but also... they looked almost good. Almost. They are what they are, fluffy winter boots, but I think the main reason people (myself included) hate them is because they're simply so... popular. And chronically overworn. I wouldn't be surprised if literally half the girls in my school own at least one pair—tall, medium, short, clogs—and they certainly wear them liberally. They're of course overpriced and kind of really annoying at times but... I almost liked them on myself. Weird, right?

Danielle then put on my moccasin boots (she wouldn't put on my leggings though) and commented on how uncomfortable they were. It's true, especially compared to Uggs they're hella uncomfortable. There's this weird pad on the sole which is higher in the middle, they're not lined so they can give really bad ankle blisters and they also have the ability to turn white socks brown. They look awesome, though, so it's all worth it.


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

I actually own a pair of Fuggs (fake Uggs) and I don't really like them now. I usually wear them on days that I feel really sick, and pair them up with some baggy sweatpants. I love your moccasin boots though. Uber cool.

Tavi said...

Sweet outfit. AA lame leggings are baggy on me, so I get away with wearing them as pants :) they make me feel like a hooker, but is ART and...yeah...all that stuff.

Anyways, the other day my friend needed gym shoes for her next class so we switched and I ended up wearing her Uggs. The reason I've sort of been against them is that they use sheepskin, and that they are so...well, abercrombie. That kind of thing. But MAN are they comfy, and don't look thattttt bad. Just hella expensive.

Anonymous said...

I love your moccasin boots, they are so beautiful. Weird thing with the uggs. They are so comfy looking definitely overworn. I'm kind of on the fence with them. I mean, I would never pay $200 for them but they look like they'd be really nice to wear after a day of skiing. Ahaha, sorry about the novel. Cute style, by the way.

WendyB said...

My feet hurt just reading about your boots.

Anonymous said...

I have (real!) black uggs with a sweetass zip down the back.
you should check them out.
Although they are expensive, it is worth it when you come in from xc ( i run too!) and your feet wreck. It is like a big hug for feet!
I don't wear mine out much though.
Too cloneish for my liking!

SICK. said...

i love those minnetonkas. are they really uncomfortable ? i don't own any, but i do own some mini mocassins and i can relate that they have no support whatsoever.

i also own fuggs (from payless, can you believe it ?!), and they are so warm & cosy that i am contemplating splurging on the real deal this winter ... and my toes deserve the best, especially with the frigid weather quickly approaching.

anyways, did i mention that your blog is very cool & i love your style ? well there, i did.
stay in touch, dearie :]


Isabel said...

Haha, its funny because I'm kind of the opposite. I thought grey crochet Uggs looked really cute on other people, but when I tried them on myself I thought I looked terrible and found them really too clunky to walk around in.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. I'm from New England too and literally everyone owns uggs but me haha. I try on my friends' uggs all the and I'm like crap they're comfy but I really don't want to give in and get a pair because I feel like all of my individuality would be lost or something. It's hard! In the end though, I opted for knee high flat brown boots instead of uggs. They ARE much much less comfortable and warm in the winter, but atleast I don't look like a walking clone of everyone else:)

Polos R Sexy said...

OMG! You have those boots?!?! I've been wanting them for like, ever! I've been seeing them in Seventeen and Teen Vogue and I've been wanting since. Anyway, I love your outfit! <3

wintourfan said...

i LOVE the juxtaposition of the leggings and the mocs.

true confession time: I own a pair of Uggs. But lately I've just been wearing them to bum around my dorm, or maybe to go visit my friend's dorm across the street.

anyway, love your blog, PLEASE check out mine because you rule!


Suzanne said...

I love that you paired your aa tights with moccasin boots. It looks fricken sweet.
I completely agree with you about uggs. First of all, I think that they're super ugly, and I hate that people with wear them with everything. Like in the summer when people wear they're short uggs and a denim mini when it's 30 degrees celcius out!
Ya, pretty much they just bug me.

Fashion Fille said...

i have uggs and those minnetonkas, and i love both! i don't think that uggs look bad if you know how to style them. i dont wear them with baggy sweats, i wear them with a jumper dress and tights. the tall ones are much more attractive than the stubby short ones. my minnetokas are a pain in the butt, and are hard to pair with things, but they are very cool.