Friday, October 17, 2008


Is it at Doc Marten? No, it's a $25 "combat boot" from mothereffing GoJane! (Yes, I do kind of censor myself for those who were wondering...) And to add salt to the injury, it's the type I want. Cheap looking "leatherette" (whatever that means)? Of course. But I kind of want it, because I know I don't even have $100 to pay for the real thing... gahh moral dilemma much!

And lol I just realized I combined "insult to the injury" and "salt to the wound"... genius.

P.S. What the fug is this?


WendyB said...

I'm amazed that Tory Burch rips off Minnetonka to such an extent.


i mean bankbook says yes
copyrights says no

whoa, holy fug

Fashion Fille said...

ah i kind of want those too! i just don't want to shell out the cash for a real pair- who gives a flying fandango anyways? the tory burches are ridiculous.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

get them!

I love my docs (though theyre real)
but anything is good!

also, I have no IDEA who would think those tory burch things are good.

A Black Tie Event said...

Hmm. I always end up in situations like these, but I'd say get them. And I tend to mix up weird expressions a lot too, my friends constantly make fun of me for it.

bohobum said...

what! I'm getting them. I'll dish out the coin for a real union jack pair of docs later but in the meantime my wallet is loving these. thanks for the tip

Isabel said...

Hey man, don't you already have a pair of real Docs? You probably don't need another pair of worse quality when you have the real thing.