Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why My Camera Is A Failure At Life

So this post was supposed to be about how I'm planning on styling this calf-length pleated tartan skirt I thrifted in upstate NY. But it turns out, even with natural and artificial light it is way too dark in my room to photograph dark clothes with this camera. Blah. But these are ones you can kind of see:

The skirt actually had a deep blue and green plaid pattern with bits of red.

Hanes DIY cropped top. Thrifted skirt. Target socks. Steve Madden heels.

Forever 21 jacket. T-shirt from China.

Wet Seal leatherish jacket. Forever 21 socks. Union Bay flats.


Ashley said...

funny story-- once i thrifted a plaid skirt similar to the one you are wearing. two years later, i went to Celtic Fest and realized it was in fact a kilt.

i still wear it XD

WendyB said...

Great skirt.

Soul Tanggg said...

i love the outfit with the crop top. The crop top is one of my newest fashion staples. LOVE.

saray said...

love the skirt

Makhai. said...

You look just like flying saucer in that second picture! I love it!!!

Isabel said...

You look amazing in that skirt! And you know what, it doesn't even look half bad with the crop top! Wy to be adventurous. :)

Suzanne said...

Holy man, that is sweet.
I'm pretty sure that I could never pull that skirt off. You make it look amazing though :)