Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Epic Sock Fight

This is actually what I wore on Friday, but I've been so busy I haven't really had time. Excuses, excuses. But how about going to school at 6:45 Saturday morning for an XC meet and not getting back until 2, then moving your room (!). I have two closets now, though there isn't that much more space. I've already organized everything by color and type. Unfortunately I can't catch up on Skins because my iPod... um let's just say my parents didn't want me going out at 8 to visit my friend... at her school? What's up with that.... Oh well, I'm just a "selfish teenager".

Forever 21 jacket. Hanes mens t-shirt. American Apparel leggings. Thrifted heels.

It looked 1000x better in person.... But anyway a lot of people at school asked how I got my leggings like this. Here's how:

1) Buy them at American Apparel, and let them sit around for a while.
2) Wear them once.
3) Put them back in your drawer for a while.
4) Take them out and voila! "Bleach-splattered/distressed" leggings!

(You can get a better view here, when it's actually sunny... and they're in my header in their pre-distressed state.)

And the title refers to something that happened at the XC meet while the girls were sitting for 3.5 hours waiting for our race.

And kiddos, only 5 more days left to vote in the Teen Vogue contest!


yumiko said...

i love your leggings!
i could never organize my closet-how do you manage?

Ana said...

You defenitely pull of the leggings.

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

nice leggings...

yoncto said...

never have i seen leggings as pants rocked so well!

Tru said...

love your blog and sense of style....let's exchange links, no?

Nice and Shiny said...

I love that oufit, really great! Esp those shoes, thrifted!? Awsome!
The leggings look really cool, weird how that happened just by sitting in your drawer!

jess said...

Your leggings look really cool and I really like your shoes

The Stylish Wanderer said...

you look fantastic.

btw, discovered your blog from tavi! I love it. Ive added you as a link on my blog if you dont mind.

Suzanne said...

I really like those shoes, and the jacket, well ya, pretty much I like tho whole outfit. It's pretty sweet :)

ari said...

the leggings are sahh-weeet.
love the blog.

i could never pull off such a thing.
especially with all the close-minded people at my school who can barely take my heel-wearing nonsense.

Anonymous said...

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