Thursday, October 16, 2008

DIY Bloomers! Plus Skirt Tutorial

These are pretty easy to make! So enjoy.

You will need:
-sewing pattern for very simple elastic-waist shorts (I used this one)
-sewing machine (duh)
-about 1 yard of fabric (satin-y fabric looks best)
-3 pieces of elastic; 1/2 inch works well but you might want a smaller width for the leg openings.

What To Do:
1. Cut out the pattern a size or two larger than you would usually, depending on how much poufyness you want. I also cut the inseam of the pattern shorts.
2. Sew the shorts according to the instructions, up to the point where you hem the bottom of the legs.
3. Put the elastic in the leg openings as you did for the waist (make sure it fits tightly enough [but not too tightly] around your thighs).
4. And you're done!

I'm sorry I've been M.I.A. for a few days, I've been sick. I'll add the skirt instructions when I have a computer to use (I'm typing this on my iTouch... so freaking annoying).


And now for the skirt!

You will need:
-At least 1 yard of a fabric of your choice (more if you want more volume; the reddish skirt uses 1.5 yards), stiffer fabric works best
-sewing machine
-elastic for the waist

What to do:
1. Cut the fabric lengthwise to the length desired (be sure to account for the hem and the waist!)
2. Sew it into a tube
3. Add the elastic into the waist (this is actually more of a task than it sounds...)
4. Stitch the bottom part up (I did it by hand as to show minimum thread but it looks kind of sloppy so doing it by machine might be better if you're not an experience hand-sewer)
5. And you have a beautiful, voluminous skirt!


m.elizabeth said...

those are lovely! I like the top you're wearing too. and your hair looks really good. :)

A Black Tie Event said...

They're so cute, I love the way you wore them.

Stephanie said...

Dude, LOVE that outfit! It's so gothic lolita-esque (I know, I won't shut up about it - sorry!) and perfect.

Rosa said...

Wow uv got skillz! I wish I had a sewing machien, Id be all over those satin shorts! I wish I was half as stylish as u when I was 15 but I was 2 bust listening to Nirvana and wearing Korn hoddies...Damnit...Linked ur lovely blog anywayz :-) xxx

Nice and Shiny said...

Yay, thanks for doing the tut for me hun!! Your sweet! You don't even know how many satin pyjama shorts I see at thrift store, this DIY will like about 3 minutes total! I usually don't like starting things from scratch so this is perfect!
---What are those runway shots, did you have a fashion show or something?!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Thanks guys =)

Nice & Shiny, the runway shots are from last spring when I designed for a local fashion show thing.

Elly said...

hey I experimented with your pattern on some scrap material, and the skirt looks amazing high waisted.
Also love the jacket...where's it from?
xxo elly

Hannah Cheeto said...

The jacket (assuming you mean the one in the first picture) is from Wet Seal, actually.


did you design for a fashion show?
good on ya

Anonymous said...