Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Like Leather, Unless It's Real

Or maybe I just can't afford the real thing. Huh. Anyway, here's an old outfit from Tuesday:

I call this the "just got my leg amputated" pose. Seriously, I don't know what I'm doing.

Wet Seal jacket. American Apparel dress. Sheer tights from Building 19. Doc Marten boots.

And the stockings! I put them one in the morning, brand new out of the package, and I took these pictures soon after. But, by the time I get to first block, the right leg has two huge runs in it! So I made a run on the other side to match. That's what I get for buying them for one dollah!

And people seem to think I should get the fake Docs in the previous post. Hmmm... of course, I'm now in love with these.


WendyB said...

I hate when tights get a run in them right out of the package.

Anna Shapiro said...

First of all, cute outfit.
I didn't FORGET, persay.
I went to do itm, but it wouldnt work
i forgot to try again later.

blame the dysfunctional internet.
(and i'll add you right now)

holly said...

i love the title!
same here its just kinda....icky.

ziggy91 said...

Have to say cute as usual.

Fantabulistique said...

wow love the jacket

yoncto said...

love the whole outfit. especially the tights. and ah i saw those docs on sale for like 50 bucks at century 21!! sadly they didn't have my size x[

Isabel said...

Oooooh, excellent outfit! You look fantastic Hannah!

Taghrid said...

cute outfit!