Monday, October 27, 2008

"I Had A Pair Of Floral Print Leggings In The 90s, But Then I Saw How Ridiculous They Looked On Other People, And I Stopped Wearing Them"

That's Erika, again. I wonder what she's think of these. I wonder what she'd think of this blog? Haha I don't plan on telling her because I don't think she'd be that interested.

Wet Seal jacket. Forever 21 dress. Target leggings. Doc Marten boots.

My mom's new camera is so beautiful. She won't let me steal it so I'm stuck with the crappy old one. I swear my face doesn't actually look that shiny/red/gross in real life.


Sunset said...

I totally saw those leggings at Target! But I decided against wearing them, which I regret now because they ARE as cool as they seemd.

Pudding and Pie said...

Bright leggings are so much fun. Just follow you're own style and don't let other people make you second-guess yourself!

Nice and Shiny said...

So THATS where those tights are from. I've seen this one girl wearing them around campus, which is strange because we don't have target in Canada. Anyways I get mad jelous whenever I see her in them, I want them too!!

WendyB said...

Those look great on you. The dark background of the leggings really works.

Victoria-Olivia said...

The leggings are pretty much amazing, like it all!

yoncto said...

amazing leggings
and with docs

Suzanne said...

Holy man, I'm pretty sure I almost bought those tights the other day, lol.
I was holding them saying how sweet they were, and then my coach came over and made fun of me, but I still really loved them :)
That's awesome.