Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Return Of The Daily Outfit Post

One of the things I got on my shopping trip was (drum roll please)... a pair of jodhpurs! I have been dying for a pair since that infamous Balenciaga collection, and finally, in Second Time Around Vintage, salvation, in the form of Topshop jodhpurs, new with tags! Of course, they're a British size 10, which is an American 6/8, so they're rather large on me, but that just makes them all the more slouchy and cool! And they were only $20... there was a 0% chance of not buying them. Eunice and Victoria were witness to my "Oh my gawd, these are the love of my life!" exclamations, and were probably for the umpteenth time embarrassed to be shopping with me. But yeah. I'm just cool like that. Cool like these jodhpurs!

I also got an AA heather gray v-neck which is proving to be completely ubiquitous (three other people were spotted wearing it while I was on Newbury St.), but it's amazing anyway. I tried on the AA swimsuit I liked, and though it looked fabulous it was completely flattening cough cough. The high-waisted Victoria's Secret was purchased online instead, though the price had increased by $8 and with shipping included added up to $70. And money ain't exactly flowing freely these days. But yeah.

American Apparel v-neck t-shirt. Topshop jodhpurs. Thrifted heels.

Looking back, they're not the most exaggerated jodhpurs, but they're lovely nonetheless.

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Shiny Blouse said...

Lovely, but they would be nicer if the were tight. Nothing some shiny tight jodhpurs!

John Silk

ill informed said...

I love those. There not on the website :(

Anonymous said...