Monday, May 26, 2008


On Friday night, I had a sleepover with my biffle Victoria, which naturally included a fashion shoot. We combined our wardrobe and snapped away! The photos ended up accentuating the fact that Victoria is extremely photogenic while I tend to look like a stoner, but life.

American Apparel shirt (Victoria's). Gap skinnies. Forever 21 glasses. Steve Madden oxfords.

Forever 21 blouse and jeans (Victoria's). American Apparel dress (worn as top). Old Navy wedges

American Apparel dress (worn as top). J. Crew vest. Tripp NYC skinnies.

Urban Behavior cardigan. Hollister skirt. Target tights.
^We love this picture!

American Apparel top (Victoria's). H&M skirt (Victoria's).
My camera basically fails at motion shots.

She looks like me when she's wearing my clothes and you can't see her face.

American Apparel v-neck. Cheap Monday skinnies. Minnetonka moccasin boots.

Forever 21 dress and necklace. Old Navy wedges. Urban Outfitters sunglasses.

Dress sewn by me. Urban Outfitters sunglasses.
I think I look like a bit of a douchebag in those last few, while Victoria is well on her way to becoming a 5'4" fashion model. But anyway I went shopping with Tori and Eunice yesterday on Newbury St., and we got some pretty good clothes!


Anonymous said...

i thought me and my friends where the only ones who stage photoshoots but we have to hide in the bathroom so no one sees us!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Haha emma, I think a lot of people do it but they just won't admit it! (It is certainly very awkward to have people walk upon you as you are taking pictures... that's why we take them in my basement after midnight!)

yoncto said...

no wayy! you look totally good in photos. yeah me and my friends do photoshoots too. i think all fashiony girls do. lol.

Tessa said...

yes this is way way old but i was looking at it and i absolutely love that black lace-y shirt.(3rd picture but i'm sure you knew that.)
the end.

Anonymous said...