Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bikini Time!

This year, I've hopefully learned a lesson: Get. A. Bathing. Suit. Before. Summer. Starts. Or. They'll. Be. All. Gone. So I need to shop ahead! Actually, it is mid-May already so it's almost pool weather (and even beach weather... though the water is always frigid, thank you New England). Anyway, here's what I want:

On the Victoria's Secret website I am attract not to the miniscule string bikinis, but to the retro-inspired ones like this. And it's $52!

I'm also in love with this one from American Apparel. It's just... awesome. And $42!

Best for last!

This one from Victoria's Secret is absolutely amazing—the high-waisted bottoms and balconet top are so vintage-y. And it's only $51 on sale right now... must... have.

Other than these, in all my online shopping I didn't see any other remarkable bathing suits.... But maybe that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

I think youll look great in all three, I could never pull off the bottom one's bottoms- theyll prob. make my ass look enormous!!

Jo said...

The last one is loverly...