Monday, May 5, 2008

Feeling Like A Train Wreck

Vintage hat. J. Crew shirt. American Apparel dress and leggings. Thrifted heels.

I'm semi-dying right now... let's just say mile ladder (that's 1 mile, .75 mile, .5 mile, .25 mile, and then back up again for those who aren't runners...) + "asthma" = :'(. But I'm okay. Believe it or not, despite the fact that I got these leggings for Christmas I haven't worn them to school yet, but nothing prepared me for the reactions I got. Especially, oddly, from the senior boys. It was not good. But most people liked them, thankfully (and wanted to touch them...). But yeah, the pictures don't really do them justice.


Stephanie said...

Ooh I want those leggings, I should seriously pick up a pair!

Anonymous said...

You are adorable and those leggings look darling on you. If the senior boys don't get it, too bad for them. All the running has given you gorgeous legs so just rock your leggins and enjoy yourself!!!!