Friday, May 23, 2008

I Knew It!

I took a quiz on facebook and it said I should have a Rihanna/Victoria Beckham haircut... haha.


Anonymous said...

This is really unrelated to this post, but this question just occured to me, so hear it goes:
I'm on a track team too, and I have track 4 days a week after school. Do you have it after school too? If so, do you get a locker to keep your track stuff in? Do you bring your sneakers/uniform to school everyday? I used to keep my stuff in a locker on the 4th floor, (track's in the basement) but the janitor started getting mad at me. Any suggestions?

Hannah Cheeto said...

Dear Anonymous,

I too have track after school. At my school you get a gym locker with a lock and you can also use that for sports purposes, where I used to keep my sneakers and track clothes. However, the lock to my locker somehow disappeared, so since then I've carried my uniform and practice clothes in my backpack, and my sneakers in a separate bag. And during practice, I just leave the bag with my friends bag on the floor or in my unlocked locker. Probably stupid, because my stuff might get stolen, but nothing bad has happened yet.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...