Sunday, May 4, 2008

I Think

I might not get bangs after all. I don't know, I have a smallish forehead, so it would look weird. I don't know what to. Alas, I shall never look like this girl, no matter how much she wears my clothes.


Because I haven't had the time/energy to update, I'll post these very old (like from December!) photos I just found from when Victoria shadowed me at my school. My friend Ally is also in these pictures. It was the last day before winter break, and we were semi-skipping gym class (though the only thing we were doing was watching the "All-Star Mat Ball Game". Yawn.) Yeah, this was pre-long side bangs for me and post blunt bangs for Victoria.

Sort of ignore the weird faces we're making in the above one.

Yes, she's that cool.

American Apparel!

I will post more outfits/fashion-related stuff soon!

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