Saturday, May 17, 2008


Just a little while ago, I posted about how I wanted my hair to look like hers. But, I then realized I have a smallish forehead so bangs apparently wouldn't be flattering or something. So then I went a little crazy, and decided to give up on growing my hair out. What was the point, anyway? It's just getting fried by the flat iron. So I decided I wanted this:

And it could be this when it grows out:

My mom, of course, said "that's so trendy [as in a bad thing], all the ladies in the neighborhood have that haircut". Um, what? Okay, maybe some of them have bobs like the second picture, but none of them have the super-FIERCE hair in the first pic. But still, I don't particularly need to look like one of the mothers I babysit for. Which brought to mind my other, long term hair idol:

Do you think if I just grew out the Victoria Beckham one it would look like this? Maybe! Not. But I wish....

The problem with the Posh/Rihanna hair is that it would have to be constantly flat irons so as not to look like a five-year-old gave me a hair cut, but the Kate Moss one would just be easier and would work straight or wavy. However, the second two are also more my "style" as I like sort of "edgier" hair cuts. But I saw a picture of the Rihanna cut on a blond girl and it just didn't look very good... maybe it only works for darker hair? Ugh! But I'm telling my mom to book me an appointment some time soon and hopefully I'll end up with a new style, not just a trim....

With's fabulous Hollywood Hair Makeover, I tried the looks out myself, in a sad approximation of my natural hair color (seriously. I could make my hair bright unnatural red, this color, or fake-looking reddish brown, which may have been closer but I hate it) and on an old, rather hideous photo of the hairstyle my stylist tried to give me for the 8th grade semi-formal (I made him do something else). And yes, that's a Hollister polo.

Because Kate Moss' bangs weren't on there (!) I couldn't get that one. I tried Mischa Barton, but her forehead is apparently 10382504854930854903 times mine so it looked totally weird, and the other bang ones weren't right. Maybe it's an omen... so I did Selma Blair instead, because though I don't want my hair that short at this point she does have hot hair. So, what do my readers think I should do with my hair?

I also realized that Ashlee Simpson wishes she was me. She has the same hair cut as me in a similar color. Unfortunately, she'll never be half as cool as I am.


Sister Libby said...

I just did the whole "Ohhh..Heidi Klum has killer bangs. I want" thing. I have a sixhead, so there was no trouble there. And I love having bangs. Team bangs! But having a posh spice haircut would be sweet too.

Park Bench said...

You don't have to have a huge forehead to sport bangs: Just make sure they're cut from the top of the crown in a sort of A shape.

Anonymous said...

You're too young for hair like that, you want to look Ali Lohan? (ie. a cheap hooker)

Anonymous said...