Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thrift Dreams

If you only read magazines and blogs and never actually went thrifting, you would expect a thrift store to be a wonderful place full of cool, if preworn pieces of clothing available for next to nothing. Of course, real thrift stores are nothing like that. As much fun as I have sifting through things in a thrift store, I rarely find anything that I would actually wear in my size and price range. ($60 for a sequined top? No thank you!) Maybe it's just where I live, but thrift stores aren't as cheap as you'd think. I mean, $15 for a pair of pants is still a bargain, but $15 for high-elastic-waisted poofy-butt pants? No thank you.

I've only made two non-Halloween costume purchases from thrift stores. One was a little houndstooth jacket, which I never wear simply because it looks weird. It's fitted, but a bit wide on me, and much too short. Also, the print is small so it looks too formal or something. But I might just be scarred from the time in 8th grade my mom made me wear it to school. It was a positively traumatizing experience. The other thing I got was a floor-length navy floral-print skirt. I got the brilliant, original idea of wearing it as a dress, except it didn't quite work out. The dress positively ballooned out around my stomach and hips. I tried cinching it with a belt but none fit around my waist AND matched the dress, and the dress still poofed out stupidly. I have yet to wear it.

Maybe I'm just not meant to be a thrifter. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, or hard enough. Maybe eventually I'll find something great!

Maybe I should just become goth instead.

p.s. It's the jacket!

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Wendy said...

Its really hard to find good things at thrift stores without looking for a very long time. I've gotten a few things that wasn't expensive and I liked. But usually the condition wasn't too good and after a few times of wearing, they would break. I'm envious of those who does manage to find good things.