Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January Heat Wave

Yesterday the high temperature was 65 degrees, 3 degrees above the previous record, and today high was 62. Pretending it's summer is nice, but the image is tarnished by the fact that it is soaking wet everywhere despite the fact it hasn't rained due to the large quantity of melting snow. And the snow itself, once a smooth white blanket, is now interspersed between brown patches of dead grass.

My outfit yesterday was decidedly boring (blue plaid headband, blue A&F knit, A&F denim mini, black and white checkered Vans), so I had to make up for it with something interesting today.

H&M jacket. Dress from Marshalls. American Apparel bra. Target tights. Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

This was my first time wearing the silver lamé bra from American Apparel that I bought a few weeks ago. Under this dress, it wasn't too skanky but I still felt incredibly exposed. Originally I was going to wear it with black tights, but mysteriously all three pairs of mine have gone missing... (could have something to do with the fact I tend to wear them all at once).

Why does my camera have to be so crappy? :(


Wendy said...

The second outfit with the AA bra looks cute. I don't think its over exposure, but since its technically still winter, it would be a good idea to throw on a cardigan.

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