Monday, January 28, 2008

I Was In A Spending Mood....

On Saturday I went on a much-needed trip to the mall and I got quite a few things, considering the fact that I didn't really need anything.

I found a cute brown and white herringbone coat on sale in Urban Behaviors (a store that is full of horrible tacky things but occasionally has something nice) and a grey and black zebra-stripe cardigan (á la J. Crew). At Hollister, I got some gray and white arm warmers for only $7. Well, I had to buy something.... At Forever21, my visits are usually hit or miss, and today was a hit. I got this headband (except mine is completely black):

as well as a similar one on which the feather sticks up with some netting. I also got this sweater:

with the knowledge that it is a complete knockoff of the Balenciaga Fall 2007 collection that I am still in love with.

Well anyway, I also bought a bunch of makeup from Clinique and almost bought Chanel Blue Satin (but then thought better of it). I also tried on a bunch of Chanel lipsticks, and fell in love with Dazzling and Vamp. But $28? Pssh no!

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stupidcupcake said...

I love the Striped sweater!
Some weeks ago I found one quite similar in a charity shop, well mine has pockets in the front, but the Sailor paths is almost similar and are placed the same place.