Sunday, January 13, 2008

Flowah Powah

Apparently one of the biggest trends for spring are floral prints of any kind. While I do love flowers, floral patterned clothes aren't something I own a lot of (when I was little I had loads of floral print clothes, but that's another story...). I managed to find a grand total of three floral print items in my closet, including the aforeposted (haha I'm making up words!) skirt/dress.

Dress sewn by me. Hue tights. Steve Madden oxfords.
The first item that came to mind was this dress that I made for an English project last year. Because brighter colors are "in" for spring, I added the hot pink tights to contrast the rather drab color scheme of the dress. I also think if I padded my hips, the dress would look just like the latest Balenciaga, except brown.

Merona jacket. Paramore band t-shirt. American Eagle skirt. Hue tights. Jeffrey Campbell oxfords.
This skirt was a hand-me-down from my neighbor. I (my mom) thought it was cute, so I decided to keep it, though I haven't worn it yet (and despite the fact it's 2 sizes too big). I actually like it with these tights, though the jacket makes me feel like a homeless lady for no apparent reason.

p.s. the picture quality is horrible for some reason when my camera is on self-timer!

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Wendy said...

I don't think I own any floral, kind of depressing I know. I like how you incorporated so much into your outfits with just a few floral items.