Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not Fair!

Though I was somewhat of a late adopter, I love the GO International (not that many of the designers are "international", though) collection for Target. I mean, what's not to love: designer clothes at Target prices? (other than the less-than-designer quality [which honestly isn't that bad... mostly] and the sometimes poor fits... and the time I got stuck in one of the Behnaz Sarafpour tops.) Plus, the Erin Fetherson has just gone on clearance. Usually, the line goes on clearance as soon as the next collection comes in. BUT, for whatever reason, the next collection (Jovovich Hawk, I think) doesn't come out until March 2nd! That's well over a month away! What is this?!

I am absolutely in love with my Alice Temperly blouse....

Time to go study atoms and their molarity!


lalaliu said...

cute blouse! I love the target collections. I think I always get so excited because of all the hype they get especially from fashion bloggers. My favorite part is when it goes on clearance, 75% off, score! I tried on a lot of the left over erin fetherson pieces at 75% off but left with nothing because either it just didn't look good or I thought it didn't look good because my temperature was at 102 and I wasn't thinking straight at that time. :D

Stephanie said...

Hey, we have the same blouse! I like the Target collections a lot too, but the quality is so poor that I'm trying to only buy sale items for now..

And in regard to your last post, I actually found a great pair of highwaisted corset skinny jeans at Forever 21 for quite cheap, you should check it out!