Friday, January 18, 2008

Haute Couture

Now, I am by no means rich, and chances are I never will be. But still, I love to dream that I can one day afford to wear haute couture. Chanel, Dior, Gaultier, Valentino.... The names everyone knows but very few people can actually afford. The other day Fashionista posted a link to a BBC television special called "The Secret World of Haute Couture". In addition to clearing up pronunciation problems (haute is like "oat", except more French), it gives an inside view of the ateliers and the amazingly rich customers who actually buy this stuff. I highly recommend it!

Anyway, of the official couture houses, my favorite would have to be Christian Dior. Oh. My. God. It just takes my breath away.

This is just like one of those dresses from the 1700s or something (sorry if I get my dates wrong... you know what I mean!) with the huge, floor-length poofy skirts that I have always wanted to wear. But additionally, it brings up the point that the pieces that are shown on the runway are not what the couture customers end up buying (because honestly, this dress would be a costume). They get it custom-designed and made to fit them perfectly. What a dream!

Nude bodysuits and sheer black lace will always be a wonderful combination. Also, this dress is interesting because it looks like one of the dresses from Dior's New Look collection, except with revamped materials.

A fitted brocade dress with padded hips, a skirt that flares at the knees, and a giant bow. It honestly doesn't get much better than this.

This dress is a full-on goth masterpiece. Also, it's from the show that the reported attends to in the BBC report.

A basic mini dress swathed in sheer black material. Amazing! (I do like things that are sheer and black!) And if I were a queen, I would totally wear that crown.

A ball gown with origami folds—completely beautiful and unique. Plus, it reminds me of those paper cranes I never could make—but in a good way.

I saved the best for last! This is, hands down, the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. Everything about it is gorgeous—the delicate, petal-esque layers, the colors gradient from scarlet to deep, mysterious black, the ruffled shape and flowing train. I would kill for this dress. It is perfect.

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Wendy said...

I love staring at the Couture gowns hanging off of the models on the runways. I'd like to think that one of these days, I'll wear one to a fancy party or something. Don't know if it'll happen, but I can dream.