Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm Not Crazy

I'm just colorful. Or rather, oddly dressed.

I live in a dream world of primary colors and butterfly cloth. Okay, what am I talking about? Who knows....

What's more punk than insanity? And my expressions are far better! (but way to go Agyness for making me seem really short!)

p.s. I'm knocking of Susie Bubble, I know! But imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?

(click for bigger pics. Sorry the pics of me are so blurry!)

Photo Credit: Terry Richardson for "Vogue Nippon". Steven Meisel for "Fashion Rocks" (from foto_decadent)


Wendy said...

Cool! The use of so many belts is so creative!

bonjour Victoria kirei said...

Okay. The repeating crazy colourful pictures of you remind me of the artwork for Kala.