Thursday, January 24, 2008

Boring and Lazy

Yep. That's me right now. Apparently I've strained my glute, so I haven't run track for over a week. You know when you get used to exercising a lot, and then you stop? You feel like a great heap of crap. I broke out (due to a switch of lotions), and I just cried because I got a 94 on a math test. Yeah. Seriously. Also, it's been really cold lately, so I've just been bundling up a lot. My outfits aren't terrible, but they aren't terribly interesting either. I just feel like lying down and sleeping. But yeah, I should just shut up.

Anyway, my need-to-be comfy mood has made me realize I'm in need of a good hoodie. I have several old ones from Abercrombie/Hollister, a cool (but not very snuggly) one from H&M, and a giant royal blue lacrosse one. I need some new life, people!

I think I like American Apparel a bit too much. But yeah, they have cute sweatshirts. I have a mild (okay, serious) obsession with gray, as seen in the first two pics (plus the model has almost the same color hair as me!). I also like the purple and black color combination (though I think two girls at my school already have this one! oops!), and the subtle polka dots of the last one are nice too.

I'm too lazy to find more websites with sweatshirts that I actually like. I think it's because sweatshirts are for lazy people. Which reminds me! I'm getting my (black) track sweatshirt soon! Yay! So stylish!

p.s. Why are the bottom two girls not wearing pants? Oh right, it's American Apparel....

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