Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Blog!

I just realized that yesterday was the first day that I started posting semi-regularly on this blog! It was also the day I posted my um weird "Back To School Fashion Lab Report" in which I proposed two hypotheses:

Hypothesis 1: I will have a superb mix of high-fashion, rockerness, and preppy A&F that will stun her classmates without alienating them.

Hypothesis 2: I will fail miserably at keeping her resolution, and dress as a conformist, and people might still think she is a freak.

Yes, I switch from the first person to the third person. I was on mad crack yo. But I think it's pretty funny, how much I've changed in a year. I'm not really sure what I was talking about, but I guess the conclusion, which I wrote in January, sort of explains what happened:

Since the first day of school, I have been carefully getting dressing and planning my outfits, while at the same time wearing what I felt like wearing. Some days, granted, I might have gone the lazy route, but most days I'm completely comfortable wearing what used to be reserved for my "weekend outfits." But now I've really getting it down. I feel comfortable in just about whatever. I think people are used to it. And it's not like I'm outrageously eccentric. I haven't gotten to that point yet. But I have something for almost every circumstance. Wake up late? I'll repeat an interesting outfit. Cold, lazy day? That's what wide-leg pants are for. I have to say, I've been pretty good. I've also found that I'm not totally in love with Hollister and A&F anymore. I mean, I still like to go and look at the stuff, but I've been wearing it less and less lately, and buying things from those stores seems like a waste of money, because I know five other people will have the exact same thing. But I still want these jeans. I'll keep that in mind next time I have a spare $80 burning a hole in my pocket.

As far as the reactions of others to my outfits, it hasn't been bad. Sure, random people comment on my clothes (particularly my bright blue skinny pants) but as far as people I actually know, little is said, and it's mostly good. This year, I have really learned that I can't care too much what people think of me. I can't be fake and boring just because I'm trying to avoid ridicule. I stepped out of my comfort zone about, and I found that it wasn't nearly as bad as I think. My friends didn't shun me, and I even managed to make new friends who don't think I'm a total weirdo. I'm glad I took the risk.

This may be the "conclusion" but I'll probably be in school for another 7+ years, and of course my style will continue to evolve.

Yay me! Anyway, I'm about to do a photoshoot with a few different back-to-school sort of outfits. But first, a sort of retrospective.*

Go back to June '07 and you will find a girl curious about fashion and with bit dreams but not quite ready just yet to crawl out of her safe shell. She's one of the only people at her school who wears skinny jeans and sometimes even dresses (true story... no one wore dresses) but she still clings to Abercrombie and Hollister like a safety blanket (and deludes herself into thinking that their clothes are actually flattering).

Her very first fashion-y photo, taken for a band she was supposably going to be in, back in early '07.**

At her 8th grade graduation semi-formal she could not wait to debut her sick updo, while the other girls wear their hair flat-ironed or in french braids. Her outfit, however, is a sparkly Macy's dress with gold strappy wedges... flattering colors but not exactly fashion.

At graduation, she wears a simple striped sun dress from H&M which is adorable despite the fact that breaks on the second wearing.***

That summer, she begins to experiment with makeup and clothing....

She gets a shirtdress (and stupid poses)...

And plays mad Twister (this has nothing to do with fashion, I know).

Chillin' in da upstate (NY that is), she experiments more (sunglasses, dresses, weird thrift things)...

As the school year begins she gets way more adventurous and quickly tires of the A&F-HCO dominance. She also dances in the Santa parade....

And then she started taking outfit pictures!

The rest is history (actually, it's this blog).

Well wasn't that weird.

*which is probably more interesting to me than anyone else....

**I was on serious mad crack (why do I keep saying that?) back then. I thought my legs looked fat in this picture. I cannot get over how dumb I was! What the hell! I don't even know... I used to have frickin' model legs, to judge by that photograph! Now 14 lbs. (kept tell yourself it's muscle) later... argh I was stupid. But I was just all-around effed up in middle school... so yeah.

***Victoria is not my only friend. Believe me. She's just the one that I am stylish with.


cindiasaurus said...

those awesome blue skinnies are actually the reason i found your blog in the first place. huzzah!

Steven K said...

Yeah I remember you came to dinner with Victoria wearing your blue skinnies and Cliff really liked them (I did too). It looks like you changed a lot in a year!

holly said...

haha i love this and i realized that im following just about the same path!