Friday, December 5, 2008

I Like To Talk A Lot

I actually do look high. I'm not sure why. All that running.

I'm still trying to figure out the lighting.

H&M furry coat. J. Crew shirt. Old Navy leggings. Wet Seal belt. Doc Martens boots.

I just got back from an epic shopping spree. I got:
From Whirlaway
-1 pair Asics running shoes (to be picked up next week when the store receives a shipment; they have this one style that's the only type I'll wear, they're just sooo comfy)
-1 pair Nike cross country spikes
From TJ Maxx, for supahcheap
-1 Nike DryFit longsleeve black top and matching leggings
-1 Reebok longsleeve gray top
-1 pair Northface white leggings
-1 pair Adidas windbreaker-type pants
and I'm totally ready for the winter track season!

You expected something exciting, didn'cha? Well unfortunately it's probably going to be a while before I actually get to shop for actual clothes. Which isn't a bad thing because I need to cut down on my spending. I only buy cheap things, but I tend to buy a lot. And I have basically no source of income. Shopping addict! BUT, at TJ Maxx I did find a pretty decent tote bag to replace my rather embarrassing Hollister tote bag I bought as an idiot freshman. Like, look at this blog post. Was I on crack? Seriously read this post. "I simply must have an abercrombie polo"....XD


Anonymous said...

ya no offense, but that post is FUNNY. So are some of your really early's so different than your original style now lol

fashionista said...

That post was hilarious. I died.

w0witsalana said...

hahaha you're so cute. it's okay. i remember my staple outfit as a freshman was vs pink sweatpants. every day. and i longed for those abercrombie lace tops. HA we were all huge ass losers once upon a time. the only difference is some of us aren't afraid to admit it :)

Squishybubble said...

"Abercrombie plus skinnies equals cool"
Ha! But this is seriously what I thought like two years ago!! I was amazed when I found this tank top there for $4.99. Too bad that's the regular price for tanks at F21. Whatevs, though...all kids long for abercrombie at one time or another. xDD Btw, I love that purple top.

Sunset said...

Hahah, I used to be like that too.. except it was only t-shirts and jeans and sweatshirts. Oh how different we all are now.

Can I steal your hair btw?! <3

lily said...

haha that was me until about the end of eighth grade, no worries. we all went through that phase. i used to think spending fifty bucks on one shirt from there was worth it because "it was abercrombie" and honestly it wasn't even very cute.
thank goodness we all eventually foud our own style:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post :-)

I usually find Abercrombie polos at great prices on Twenga.

Hope that can help others!