Monday, December 15, 2008


or, Make The Freaking Power Outages Stop. I was going to post this morning, I swear but then the power went out again, and I am so behind on outfits... here's last Friday's.

Wet Seal jacket and lol-iscious gothic cross necklace. Forever 21 v-neck. DIY ripped leggings and Hue tights. Doc Marten boots.

My lips are so pink because I was just at the mall and I tried on lipstick at MAC. I didn't like the color enough to buy it, though, but on Sunday I got some amazing matte red lipstick that I'm dying to try out.

But, the title. We had a practice race today in track, and... well, my previous personal record from spring track was 6:22. So I blew like 24 seconds off! It was so excited because there were five people who were really competing for the four top spots and I wasn't expecting much, but since it was so competitive I just threw myself into it and it was yayness! I tied for second, but I know I'll have to work really hard to keep that spot. But anyway... Victoria slept over Saturday night and we did (what else) a photoshoot that I'll post later.


Tru said...

lucky about the snow day and sorry for the power outage...apparently there was a huge power outage up by me too but everything except the college went out. lol so it didnt effect me.

Niamh said...

WOW! You're fast. My personal best is like 6:50.

ari said...

danggg you've got some wheels :]

i definitely admire your ability to wear ripped leggings

AsrealasaBarbie said...

I am seriously loving your outfit.
Ripped leggings is a new one and you pull it off well.
Liking the colour.

WendyB said...

Kinky leggings!

Isabel said...

Power outages, that sucks! At least you look good.

Jess said...

your ripped leggings and tights remind me so so so much of rufio from hook...
and lets face it. rufio was a babe.

good job!

yoncto said...

holy. shit. i love that outfit to no endddd. seriously, i think it's my fave that you've ever posted on here.

Anonymous said...



almost as much as I love you! :D

*this is Tina btw not some sketchy stalker freak... though I'm sure Danielle would argue otherwise...:p*

haha sorry if i creeped you out excessively! p.s. me + you + victoria need chill time. ill contact you via fb

Wednesday, Juliet, India said...

love love love this outfit esp. the ripped leggings/ tights combo. love your blog too! xx

Nice and Shiny said...

Ooooh, congrats on beating your time! That's so awesome, I couldn't run to save my life.
Love the ripped tights of course. I should try something like that.
I'm so excited for the photoshoot pictures! Can't wait!

peaitlreiecnia said...

i love the way you rock all these different tights and outfits, esp these ripped ones