Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm An Addict For Dramatics

Tuesday was definitely the last day of this week that I'm wearing heels. It is track veteran's week. Which means we are being killed. Being super sore from running really hard on Tuesday for the five half-miles on the track, and then on Wednesday having to run a particularly hilly 6-mile? Thanks, coach! I can no longer walk properly. But anyway. Here's what I wore before the first of those epic workouts:

Wet Seal motorcycle jacket and wedges. Target dress and socks. Vintage squirrel-hunting belt.

Wet Seal and Target? Yeah, that pretty much sums things up. Add a dash of redneck, and there we have it.... But anyway I got a super-good deal on the shoes, I got them for $12 with free shipping. I plan to spike them a la Rodarte. If you still want a pair they're on the website for $26.50 (ahaha did you think I was talking about the Christian Louboutins?).


WendyB said...

Great wedges.

Fashion Babbler said...

I love your outfit, the dress is wicked cute!

Anonymous said...

your outfits have improved greatly

pamlim said...

i love your style (:
its always so fun dressing up for school!
i just started blogging and i found yr site...
keep it up!
id love to hear back from you about how you get inspiration for your outfits!
ps. i run xc too and i was just wondering, in america, do you guys train all year round?

Isabel said...

Those heels are HOT!

yoncto said...

damn, those heels are high! but you look gorgeous :]

Suzanne said...

I love those shoes.
They are epic.