Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let's Get Some Shoes

Some people are bag people. I am a shoe person. I can't stop myself from shopping for (cheap) shoes online. I have had a constantly evolving shopping cart on GoJane for quite a while now... if you pick through the hideous shoes there's some good (somewhat shameless knockoff-y) stuff. These sneakers would look awesome studded!

Yes, they're Gucci wannabes. But the heel is so high and the straps are so many.... I just might have to scoop these babies up.

I'm still debating these fake Docs you might remember from a while ago.... I can't make myself buy the real thing at full price but are these the answer?

As recently mentioned, F21 has been rolling out some great shoes lately. I could just stick some studs on these babies and... oh my god, who am I turning into?

Black substantially heeled sequined ankle boots? What's not to love!

Look, mom, you should totally spend $43 on a pair of shoes from Forever 21 because they're sooo practical! Perfect for winter, right mom?

These are like the model version of Docs... taller and skinnier!

I really need some good, basic knee-high boots and these are PERFECT! Well except for the quality, which I can only imagine....

*Sigh* This is all speculative, unfortunately, unless I get a buttload of money for Christmas....

And I know the title of this post refers to a horrible eye-gouging viral video that was quite popular back in the 8th grade. I'm proud to say I've never watched the whole thing (well, maybe) but people ALWAYS used say that whenever shoes were mentioned. Ugh!

And I would just like to remind y'all to ask me any more questions you have lingering in the back of your mind... don't be shy! And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, scroll two posts down.


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i love the f21 fake docs...i love them to bits!

Anonymous said...

um, these are all nasty

ariel romano said...

ahah anonymous haters are so fun!
i just came here to tell you that i loved how these blazer looked on you!



toodles, sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

i hate to break it to you (and me) but i saw the F21 minnetonka-like ankle boots in the store yesterday, and the "leather" seriously feels like a combination of plastic and something else really nasty that i can't even think of. why is it that cute cheap shoes are so often made of the nastiest materials?
love your blog!

Sarah said...

Well i personally do like Docs but i say go with the real ones. I really do like the tall and skinny Docs! There really cute! And go with the real Minnetonkas, PLEASE! The Minnetonkas aren't as much as like, idk, Uggs or something but just go with the real ones! They area all cute shoes, though!

<3 Sarah

Anonymous said...

cheap shoes look like cheap shoes.

LJ said...

Thw black boots look so soft and yummy..
xx-LJ from SOS!

avputries said...

i like boots number 6!
i saw them at f21 today and i was about to buy it, but i wasn't sure. you should buy it! you definatly should. so at least one of my favorite bloggers bought something that i thought was cool.
awesome, love love love your blog.


merry christmas!

Isabel said...

Oh man, I love the 'shoes' youtube video! I could imitate kelly all day long... The moccassins are definitely my fave pair you've shown.

Sunset said...

I really love the black sequin heels and the last pair of boots! I hope you get at least one thing from this list.

Hanna said...

I've seen those fake docs several times at F21...me want, but I don't think I really have a feasible excuse to buy them.