Sunday, September 9, 2007

Smashin' Fashion Week (lyk omg it rimezzzzz!!!)

I decide who's a hit, who's a miss, and who's... wait, why do I get to decide this?!? My thoughts on New York Fashion Week.

Apologies for the long post; I'm sure you (my imaginary reader) won't mind.

Abaete sent mainly dresses down their runway with the exception of an occasional wide-leg pant or bathing suit, all with a beachy, tropical influence and in clean colorblocks. The dresses are clearly more structured than in previous seasons. The above bathing suit (which I at first mistook for a too-short dress!) was one of my favorites, because it reminds me of an Herve Leger bandage dress, plus giant flower. The parasol is cool, but I could go without the thing (bathing cap? hat?) on her head and the unfortunate white peds on her feet.

Alexandre Herchcovitch showed tuxedo-inspired looks featuring black menswear-inspired vest-dresses and jumpsuits, shirt collar/bow tie necklaces, and the colors black, white, beige, red, and, perplexingly, neon yellow-green. The first pic shows an evening look with an exaggerated, ruffly bust and the classic, graphic combination of white and black. I'm ignoring the weirdo handcuff-ish things. My other favorite was the bottom dress which again is cinched at the waist. I'm in love with the large yet subtle bow at the neck.

Erin Fetherson's collection featured nipped in waists and subtle colors far more than I expected after seeing her collection for Target. Most of the dresses seemed breezy and loose, except for the more stuctured shirtdresses, and the pants were, of course, wide. Okay, I admit it, I'm bad. I chose the pictures above not because they were more favorite pieces but because they were my favorite pieces to laugh at. The suit-thing in the first picture isn't too bad for a lightweight, summer, well, suit, but the turban seriously makes it look like something a camel-riding tribesman in Saudi Arabia would wear (but I still want the turban). The second pic highlights the creepy eyeshadow. Okay, it just look creepy on poor Chanel Iman (who I like) but argh! It looks like googly eyes. And the dress she's wearing is drab and looks much too hot for Spring/Summer, especially as I sit here in 85 degree heat at 7 in the morning.

I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.! Okay, I had to feature Gwen's collection because I just love her so. And her clothes this season are like a preppy-cool dream! I would wear just about everything she sent down the runway... I totally love L.A.M.B.! But enough obsessing; the first and second pic I have up are both outfits that are TOTALLY my style! I want! But so expensive! :'( Gwen, I will love you forever if you send me free samples (okay, I'll love you forever anyway, but oh well). And of course I needed a picture of the designer herself, the fabulous Gwen Stefani in a fabulous dress with her fabulous (cute) son.

If L.A.M.B. is my favorite collection, Proenza Schouler would be second (at least of all the collections I've viewed so far. I haven't seen Ralph Lauren or Lacoste, but...). Proenza was all about cinched waists and high hemlines, and I love the military theme. The downside was the unfortunate prevalence of a bright yet somehow dusty yellow, which several outfits seriously overdosed on. In the first pic I love the belted khaki vests over a silky black dress. I also loved the gray version of these vests with an awesomely patterned shirt.

More later (possibly, supposing high school homework doesn't pile too high... :( ) <--lol it looks like a funny smiley but it's really just a frowny face.

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