Saturday, September 29, 2007

Inspiration Boards!

Inspiration boards are very fun to make, whether you cut and paste from magazines or use images from the internet as I did. This inspiration board highlights my current obsession with prep school uniforms. Yes, I'm planning to wear pleated plaid minis with black tights and knee-high socks. No, I'm not going crazy. I'm also going to avoid the whole weird/skanky route... I'm going to try and not make it look like I don't actually have a uniform but just incorporate it into my personal style, kind of... Anyway, I got inspiration from t.A.T.u. (yes that band which I happen to adore!), L.A.M.B.'s S/S08 collection, anime schoolgirls (am I the only person who is so envious of their clothes?) and of course Gossip Girl!

click for a bigger picture

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