Friday, February 6, 2009

Why Do We Wear Trends?

Well, why? Because we want to be current, up-to-the-minute, super-fashion-forward? Everyone makes fun of people who "blindly follow the trends" but it is nearly impossible not to buy into some trend or another, intentionally or otherwise. Perhaps this is because virtually everything can now be considered "trendy": clothes from cheap trendy mall stores like Forever 21 and H&M, clothes from thrift stores, clothes from designer stores. It's altogether impossible for someone very interested in clothes to avoid every trend, because just about anything can be considered "trendy".

In my case, I feel compelled to wear trends not because I feel the need to be the most fashion forward person on the internet (it's totally effortless, actually) but because my aesthetic is constantly changing. Maybe it's because I'm a teenager, because I'm relatively new to fashion, blah blah blah, but I find myself liking something that's trendy because I see it a lot. Not too much, or it's kind of a turn off, but enough so I feel differently about said item of clothing. For example, when I first saw skinny jeans I was like, wtf are you wearing Lindsay Lohan (this was in 7th grade or so, and the magazine was Teen People). But after seeing them a few more times, I was like, wow those are actually really cool-looking. And (at this point) I'd never seen a single person wearing them in real life, so I knew I had to get myself some. Another example would be leggings as pants. Leggings are simply not pants, I once could be heard saying. But then... ahaha. And now some peepz a mi escuela consider leggings-as-pants to be my signature.

This is not to say I automatically like something because it is trendy, but a lot of the time I find myself liking it because I have grown to like the way it looks over time. Also, seeing something styled a different way can make me see it differently and make me like something that I had disliked in previous situations. One example would be Erin Wasson. And then of course there's the fact that trendy items are more likely to show up in stores. A few years ago, it was quite difficult to find a leather jacket for under $100, real or faux. I wouldn't have a leather jacket if they weren't trendy, but that doesn't mean I only like them because they're trendy; it has more to do with the fact that their trendiness puts them in my price point.

This is just something I've been thinking about lately that I thought I'd write about. And while this is intended to be serious, remember guys, I do like to include the occasional sarcastic remark....♥


Ashton said...

I swore up and down I would never wear skinny jeans, but now I love them soooo.

M.J. said...

interesting post - it reminds me of that scene in Devil Wears Prada when Miranda tells Andy off for laughing, and rips into her about her blue sweater!

"it's sort of comical how you think that you've made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you're wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room. From a pile of stuff."

V said...

A well written, insightful, and thoughtful post. <3

Anna Shapiro said...

Very nice,
I understand your point completely.
Our undecided young minds are constantly having new ideas and trends thrusted at them, which causes us to pick up on a few and decide to like them.
It's not like we wear EVERY trend, right? :)

Nice and Shiny said...

And also people wear trends because it's whats most readily available! If all the stores are carrying the same thing and that's all you have to work with, your going to buy those things!
I definately don't condemn trends all together, I think it's another way of defining the present. Think about it, if someone asks "what did they wear in the 60's" and there were no trends, what would be the answer? Trends, in anything (literature, clothing, advertising, the list is infinite) help to define a time, place, or people but it's important not to pigeon-hole these things according to the trends themselves.

Great post, sorry I pretty much filled up the entire comments page. LOL!


born socialite said...

when trends first appear, i either love them or hate them. even some i thought i would *never* be caught in have grown on me, though...
i think is a great way to try new things, as long as you don't go totally overboard with them.

Rachie-Pie said...

totally agree with you! everyone tries to claim or appear as they are unique or has a particular style that no one has but that is IMPOSSIBLE! you may have a style that you think looks unique blah blah but it is a trend at the end of the day. The trend will die and your style will change no matter what you claim. Espes if you buy constantly high street (urm mee)...everything is inspired from a catwalk trend that has filtered down towards the mass and if you buy from them you are, sometimes unaware, following the trend. I do honestly believe, whether you are intentionally or accidently following a trend, as long as you look n feel good and not doing it for the sole purpose of fitting in with a group of people then it is ok.

excuse my rant. I, too have been having such thoughts

Kelly said...

i totally see what you mean...seriously ANYTHING could be considered a trend by a certain group...however i bought skinny jeans when i first saw them in 7th grade...and everyone thought it was SO bizarre at first!
btw, i tagged you for a blog award!

Rachie-Pie said...

yyeaaa sure thing! don't forget to link me too!

Deborah said...

In my opinion it's best to have two or three trendy items and have all the rest be classic pieces. However, I never follow this logic.


Anonymous said...

very well written and i agree 100%!