Thursday, December 21, 2006

So Not Feeling This...

What is up with Lindsay Lohan's dress? It makes her look pudgylicious and though I'm usually a fan of stripes that dress doesn't really do it for me. It's just UGLY. Plus its way too short... the wind is blowing it up so much... and I thought she didn't wear shorts because of the bruises she got a her pole dancing lessons for the new movie she's doing. Hmmm... and are those UGGS??? Ewww they totally don't work with such a summery dress... stars are so weather confused (see below post). And what's that in her hand... probably her cell phone but it looks kinda like a giant alien remote thingy. So yeah... how come Linds either is wicked pale or has a superduper orange tan? And that dark brunette: well, I personally think she looks better with red hair being a redhead myself. :)

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